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Я не боюсь сказать даже Президенту моей страны, что со мной так нельзя. Я хочу и буду жить in peace and respect. https://vk.com/talli.stojadinovic

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    Arts : Well-Known US Movie "Lolita" has wrong accents

    The film screened in 1997 is like a rude erotic, not a really Nabokoff's story. It emphasizes the secondary plot of the story — when Humbert (the "super hero") in a typical American landscape, or in a typical American street, or in a house flirting with the girl and her mother.

    As I see the main clue is a story when Humbert can't get what he wants. He travelled, searched nymphets but got nothing. He tried to remember time when he was a teenager; probably he wanted to love, but his love rejected. Then he started to come down, seaching for coition, maybe involving fetishism, masturbating, etc. So, he became a "bad guy". He wasn't happy. But he was searching nymphets like narcotic.

    So, the searhing is most exciting part of the story. And Humbert hardly had so close contact with Lolita, as Adrian Lyne (the producer) introduced.

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