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Twaddle : My thoughts on whining

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    You might consider the word "whining" as a strong one for the title, that's why I want to apologize in advance. At the same time I want to admit that I did it on purpose for a certain effect. The element of surprise, I would say.

    I've been listening to this song the other day. It obviously has no deep meaning and the song wouldn't be estimated as a music masterpiece, but there was a phrase from the lyrics which caught me and became an earworm. I won't quote it here but in a nutshell it was all about the futility of whining.

    I've realized that that was the impulse I've been waiting for years. The words and thought are material things: we can't feel it, but for sure it has certain power and the possibility to control us. The thing called "whining" is the last harbour for hopeless people. It's the place where ships would come not to replenish sails, not to coat the board with tar and load up some fresh water and food and then carry on the trip through the storms and dead falls, but for settling down here, maybe, for good.

    It's possible to put up with this trait in women, but if it is about men, if one's always having unpleasant mood about any issue and carries his negative thoughts through the life - it always looks pity.

    It happened to me to realize this stuff when I've been reading books by Jack London, who wrote mostly about brave, open-minded and endlessly wonderful people, who hasn't even the hint on this word in vocabulary. They couldn't even think about the thought that something could break the inner strength.



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