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Я не боюсь сказать даже Президенту моей страны, что со мной так нельзя. Я хочу и буду жить in peace and respect. https://vk.com/talli.stojadinovic

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Twaddle : Long distance relationship (LDR)

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    Some people have this weird attribute: they like to discuss things, with meaningful appearance, they have no idea about. This little note is not about it at all, because I had this experience before, I've strongly believed in deep poetic feelings to a person who lived somewhere across the borders. 

    There are two things must be combined in order to build the foundation for this kind of relationship: naivety of youth and vivid imagination. We had had it, that's why I spent 2 years of my life waiting for a sign of transparent flower turn into green in a messenger nobody use these days. No surprise our on-line feelings to each other had died before we even met.

    I've realized everything about LDR a bit later, when after 4 years of silence I had eventually met this girl. Nearly accidentally I'd say. We had a lovely time in the capital of her country, we've been laughing, remembering our on-line experience, we've been squandering unnecessary revealings and we didn't touch a topic about "us", even theoretically. Although at the moment we've been sharing this condition everybody have expereinced after another break-up with people we used to be with for a long time. We didn’t plan our future together, because we had lost something important - the naivety of youth. And something important happened with us. Life.

    From my point of view there's no such thing as LDR, at least sincere and pure ones. I guess it's not right when you can't feel the warm of somebody's hand, when you buy this special shampoo in order to not forget the smell of hair, when you speak only via phone, and Skype doesn't help to be together, because it separates more than brings together.

    Let me get this straight: sometimes it's hard to not be seduced by some other person you accidentally feel something like sympathy to, and who has some indubitable advantage of your electronic love. The advantage is very simple: the person is alive and right next to you. He or she might be far away from ideal concept but the person is here.

    I believe LDR is possible only if two people are more or less aware of the time they got together or one of them would drop everything and eventually move. I'm sure there are some exceptions but I don't know the examples. I did have conversations with people who have gone through LDR and eventually they all broke up. They all have come to the conclusion that binary is not the best atmosphere for any synonym of the word "love".

    If some of you have this experience, please let us know in the comment section.

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