Vladimir Shahidjanyan: SOLO — Touch Typing Course

Я не боюсь сказать даже Президенту моей страны, что со мной так нельзя. Я хочу и буду жить in peace and respect. https://vk.com/talli.stojadinovic

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    Third day I am trying to animate the site.

    I tried writing posts. Actually there are many things I'd like to discuss, but I can't discuuss them on my own)
    Got no reply.

    I tried writing to my friends abroad, but they either did not answer or said that got no time. Is it that no one takes care of touch typing. How come? 

    I tried to write emails to people from abroad that had registered on our site. Got no reply))

    It seems to me that that I'm the only one alive on this website.

    Is anybody here? Am I alone here? Is there a life in this place?
    I don't know yet.

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    19.07.2018 18:24
    Sergey Degtyarev passed 40 lessons of the English course
    19.07.2018 01:55
    Sergey Degtyarev passed 30 lessons of the English course
    16.07.2018 11:19
    Shesha Ananta passed 30 lessons of the English course
    22.06.2018 18:44
    Marat Zagidullin passed 60 lessons of the English course
    17.06.2018 18:55
    Marat Zagidullin passed 50 lessons of the English course

    Владимир Владимирович Шахиджанян прислал Вам письмо с очень важной информацией. Пожалуйста, прочтите сообщение.