Vladimir Shahidjanyan: SOLO — Touch Typing Course

Я не боюсь сказать даже Президенту моей страны, что со мной так нельзя. Я хочу и буду жить in peace and respect. https://vk.com/talli.stojadinovic

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    Dear friends!

    I still hope that someone is reading these blogs)

    I just wanted to let you know that I would like to hear from you. I am searching for interesting people all over the world, because I'd like to learn about how it feels to live in other countries.

    Our wish is to try to organize a community connected by common moral principals like humanity, kindness, mind opennes and interest to people from another countries.

    I think I should begin with a few words about self.
    I studied translation in Tiraspol in Moldavia, that's why I speak some English and some German. Spend a month in Germany. I chose linguistics because that was what I was best in. But my greatest passion is music - many kinds of it. I studied in art school and learned to play guitar for three years. Then I discovered for myself electronic music and began to try creating my own one. I listened to hip-hop, trip hop, ambient, chill out, then came to dubstep, jungle, drum and bass, 2-step and some reggae music. But also like jazz music, chamber pop, blues.
    To me it seems that it is better to listen to different genres, coz it helps to widens purview.

    That's a brief description of what I like. I have some experience in my life and would like to share it with somebody, and even more than that I'd like to listen to other people experience.
    There are many things I care about - unjustice, sexual orientation and its perception in society, generations conflict, searching for vocation in life etc.

    What do you think about telling a little about yourself? 

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    22.01.2018 21:57
    Natasha Korzh passed 10 lessons of the English course
    21.01.2018 05:54
    Zhanna Kislicina passed 50 lessons of the English course
    19.01.2018 16:34
    Zhanna Kislicina passed 40 lessons of the English course
    18.01.2018 20:44
    Bogdan Sak passed 20 lessons of the English course
    18.01.2018 14:10
    Zhanna Kislicina passed 30 lessons of the English course

    Владимир Владимирович Шахиджанян прислал Вам письмо с очень важной информацией. Пожалуйста, прочтите сообщение.