Vladimir Shahidjanyan: SOLO — Touch Typing Course

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Typing competition

About us

SoloTyping.com project of the ErgoSolo Company is a website where you can learn the blind ten-finger typing (touch-typing) technique in several languages, and communicate and compete with other people in typing speed.

The project author is Vladimir Shahidjanyan, psychologist, journalist and lecturer at the Lomonosov Moscow State University. The technique is based on psychological studies by V. V. Shahidjanyan.

On the website you can meet interesting, trustworthy people keen to communicate on interesting topics, help each other, and learn make the most of their time.

Our goal is to provide support to help people believe in their own willpower, become more active and optimistic, and learn how to realize their own desires.

Our motto is more, "I’ll scratch your back and you scratch somebody else’s,” than “Scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours.”

This website is not for children! Registration is available only for those who are 16 years old and above.

User conventions

Your openness and readiness to communicate are appreciated. Before other community members meet you on our website, please tell us about yourself in detail. If you share nothing about yourself, you will still be able to learn but not to socialize.

Your private information (name, date of birth, occupation and so on) can be made both accessible to the entire Internet (meaning that our website is viewed, among other things, when your name is googled), or forbidden to anybody except registered users of the website. We never make email addresses available to anybody.

On the website, English is the main language of communication. We are glad if you know foreign languages; however, your personal information or your posts should be accessible to all.

If you post a photo on your profile, it should be of yourself (not somebody else), be relatively up-to-date (not from your childhood) presenting distinguishable face features (not a distant silhouette).

Only respectful behavior and good manners are acceptable on the website. Rudeness is inadmissible. Authors of insulting messages will lose the right to correspond and may be barred from the website.

We strive to keep in touch with all users (pupils); therefore you will receive our messages quite often.


On the website, you can learn the blind ten-finger typing (touch-typing) technique. It is a skill needed not just by typists (as many believe) but all computer users.

We teach touch-typing in English, German, French, Italian, Russian, and Ukrainian. There is also a separate course for typing on the numeric keypad.

In many ways, our course differs from other programs and websites devoted to blind typing. To begin with, the underlying method has been tried, tested and constantly refined for more than 20 years with tens of thousands of pupils. In addition, it is an author’s course, which means you feel the presence of the lecturer who can help and give tips at appropriate points during the training. It helps not to give up halfway.

If you master at least one of the courses presented here in full, you will never revert to customary, non-blind typing in the language concerned. It is up to you how you use the skill (increase your speed or quit practising and continue in a slow manner). Anyone can master the method, which takes approximately 30 to 50 hours (depending on ability). Thereafter, mastering other language typing becomes significantly easier, and drilling with each subsequent layout takes less time.

It is convenient to train on the website: you simply access your account and continue training from the last place you stopped, from any point where you have Internet access.

During the studying our users are rated. The rating formula for a task:
rate = 0,5 * R + 0,5 * ( 100 - 100 / ( all_mistakes + 1 ) * made_mistakes ),
where R is the rate which depends on your Typing speed.

Training cost

Training is fee-based. The price depends on the course duration: appr. $0.1 (if you pay for a year) to $1 (if you pay for two days) per day. You are only eligible to get the few first lessons of each language course in free mode.

All courses are accessible in a fee-based mode without limitations.


Thousands of users are online at any time for you to communicate with. Here you can find friends and kindred spirits. It is even possible to find love. The website is tailored for long-term relations.

You can find other members by location, occupation, age and other parameters.

There are several ways of attracting attention.

Sometimes scammers surface on the website who may ask you to participate in monetary transactions. It is 100% deceit, so please inform us about such cases.


Competitions are needed to develop typing speed as they provide the motivation to breast the tape first.

You can participate in competitions as often as you like. The more often you do so, the sooner proper speed is developed.

Manipulating competition results will be penalized.

You can only see your name during the heat and in the competition rating if your profile is completed.

One more thing

If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to contact us via website (if you have an account) or by email.

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